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About Us

Domina4Grow offers what no other brand can; an all-Italian made product backed up by years of research and experience

Our organization – Sacla – has been in the business of manufacturing lighting components since 1962 for some of the largest companies in the lighting industry. In recent years we have been focusing on led lights and developed a patent technology                     which is the core of Domina4Grow line, our latest innovation in the grow light market.

Our patented                    technology  follows what we’d like to call, a “Plug and Play” philosophy.  The LED printed circuit boards in our lamps can be easily plugged off and switched so that our clients can customize and create light wavelengths that ideally suit the needs of the plants they are growing without changing the lamp LED structure.

We discovered and implemented the optimal light wavelength that will maximize blooming and plant growth rate thanks to our extensive research into Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) that has allowed us to an optimal light spectrum for increased photosynthesis rate.

We combine                   technology with the latest diodes from CREE, a market leader in production of LED components and to further improve the efficiency of our lamps, we offer the possibility of installing lenses that will focus the light angle from an industry standard of 120° to more efficient 70° and 90°.

Domina4Grow comes in two versions: D4G180 featuring 60 LED diodes with the nominal output power of 180W and D4G540 featuring 180 LED diodes with the nominal output power of 540W.

Domina4Grow offers a made in Italy product that combines sleek - yet functional - design with the latest light technology in order to achieve our main aim:  to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


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