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What makes us so different

Domina4Grow series are designed around nature and made for optimal performance
Domina4Grow LED grow lamps

Our factory is nearby Milan where we bring together production and knowhow to deliver Domina4Growth to our customers.


This ensures that the quality control is stringently supervised and that our products meets high standards of quality and reliability.


If this is not enough of an incentive, you should know that our products also feature:

Sistema INLED

One of the built-in patented technologies is the           System that allows our clients to quickly and easily change the LED printed circuit boards without any prior technical knowledge. This essentially allows our clients to customize their lamp’s LED configuration on the spot without having to change the structure of the lamp itself.

INLED System Domina4Grow D4G540
Spettro Custom
PCB 5 LED Full Cycle
Real Vision
Art. D4G-180RV-001
Art. D4G-180FL-001
PCB 5 LED Growth
PCB 5 LED Flowering
PCB 5 LED Real Vision
Art. D4G-180GR-001
Full Cycle
Art. D4G-180FC-001
PCB 5 LED Aluminium Base

Distinctive Spectrum

All our lamps come with a pre-configured light spectrum, a result of years of testing and fine tuning to make sure that the optimal light wavelength is achieved for increased plant growth and flowering rates.

Spectrum of your choice

We offer customized options for adjusting the light wavelength that your own lamp will produce by integrating several different light wavelengths from 400 nm up to 700 nm and over. It allows us to create a light spectrum 100% according to clients’ specifications.

Ottiche intercambiabili
INLED Interchangeable Optics

All our lamps come with LED diodes that have a 120° angle of light dispersion. This has been set as an industry standard and has proven to be the most optimal overall. For clients that desire a more specialized system, we offer two different sets of lenses that are used to focus the light to 70° or 90°.

Interchangeable Optics

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